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Juneteenth Cookout
June 16, 2012

HBDA celebrated Juneteenth with a cookout at Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center (LBDCC) on June 16, 2012. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a holiday in the United States celebrating the end of slavery in 1865. It is officially recognized as a state holiday by Texas and over 40 states plus the District of Columbia.  Every year around the 19th of June, families get together to celebrate the freedom of former slaves by barbecuing, attending parades, sharing music, and telling stories. Thanks to LBDCC for their place to stay cool inside during the cookout with grills outside, HBDA and people had a wonderful time, good food, and great fellowship.


Shawn Richardson

Thomas Winston as the Sole Grill Chef


Attendees at cookout

Cookout attendees enjoyed their meals inside the building.


1st Raffle Ticket Winner

One of Three Raffle Ticket Winners


2nd Raffle Ticket Winner

2nd Raffle Ticket Winner


3rd Raffle Ticket Winner

3rd Raffle Ticket Winner


Grill Chef WinstonThomas and an attendee

One of attendees asked for another chicken because they tasted good!


Attendee chatting

Attendees had fun chatting with each other.


Emmanuel Eziashi

Emmanuel Eziashi as a HBDA Member and One of LBDCC Staff


Cool Room

The room was so cool that attendees lingered inside.


three gentlemen

Three gentlemen posed for photos.


President Shirley Allen, deaf-blind lady, interpreter, and attendees

President Shirley Allen, wearing a lime-green shirt, shared stories with some of attendees
at a table while a deaf-blind lady in a purple shirt closely watched an interpreter.



Termiea is one of rare African Americans who don't like eating chickens;
fortunately, HBDA provided hot dogs.


(Please note that captions and photos might be edited.)



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