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Dallas Black Deaf Advocates' Gala
October 5, 2013

In the cool night on October 5, 2013, Dallas Black Deaf Advocates (DBDA) hosted its 20th anniversary gala at Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD). Approximately 30 people including 7 HBDA members attended the special dinner event. They had a wonderful time eating southwestern food and socializing inside the clubhouse owned by DAD. Sendra Reese was a fabulous singer who wowed attendees with grace. They enjoyed watching her sing. HBDA’s president Emmanuel Eziashi was a keynote speaker; he spoke of how hard and successful the challenge was to set up DBDA. Emmanuel praised founders and helpers for starting the organization and fighting to keep it alive during struggling periods. He was a former president of that launching organization. There was another founder named Bill Taylor who shared similar experiences with Emmanuel. The gala chairperson Rochelle Doss who is also the president of DBDA entertained the attendees with humor and praises. Amazingly, she had to share a funny story of every person who received an award from her on the stage. It took forever. Nevertheless, people at the DAD clubhouse seemed to enjoy her sassy jokes, preachy presentation, and streetwise remarks. That sister sure created a show and passionately expressed admiration for award-getters.  An announcement for the 5th Biennial Southwestern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Conference hosted by HBDA on August 1 & 2, 2014 was mentioned. After Rochelle closed her celebrated long speech on the stage, people made a beeline for social chats and drinks at DAD’s modernized bar room. Pah, last attendees left to go home or hotels.

Rochelle Doss & Bill Taylor on the stage

Bill Taylor, a founder of Dallas Black Deaf Advocates, proudly shares a story about the establishment of DBDA to the audience at Dallas Association of the Deaf as chairperson Rochelle Doss watches.


Sendra Sining

Sendra Reese joyfully sings with her beautiful signs.


Keynote Speaker Emmanuel Eziashi

As a keynote speaker, HBDA President Emmanuel Eziashi praises DBDA for not giving up and continuing to help its organization stay alive.


Rochelle Doss, Emmanuel Eziashi, & Cathy Ware

DBDA president Rochelle and Cathy Ware, an outstanding commitee, proudly gave an award to keynote speaker Emmanuel with an honorable certificate of excellence in supporting the organization.


Emmanuel's Certificate

Emmanuel’s certificate in recognition of being the first president and a long-time supporter of DBDA


Eunice with a prize

Eunice Woodson is delighted that she has won a prize from a draw.


HBDA members

Standing: Shawn Richardson, Emmanuel Eziashi, Willie Woodson, and  Thumas Lee; Sitting: Regina Grant, Esther Flores, and Eunice Woodson. They are active HBDA member at DBDA’s Gala Dinner.


Attendees at DBDA's gala

Despite a small number of attendees, they enjoy fellowship, food, and speeches at the clubhouse of Dallas Association of the Deaf.


(Please note that captions and photos might be edited.)



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